Neoniks is a series of mobile applications that turn little gamers into readers. The interactive encyclopedia and games introduce them to the magic world and get kids interested in reading books about it.

Be wary of a substitute teacher who comes to class with a crazy magic wand, especially if he wears a fur coat with a talking lion head on its collar – a lesson a 10-year-old Jay learns at his school.

When the teacher kidnaps his little fox named Mystie, Jay and his sister Phoebe embark on a quest to get their friend back. They can only rely on their creativity and thinking outside the box, since they spent all their magic reserves, lost their ability to fly, and forgot all the spells that come in handy. But Mystie needs their help and the Neonik kids have to spring into action.


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who are neoniks?

 Neoniks are magical people who live on Cake Island. When they turn seven, their parents cast the Winged Spell on them and then the little ones learn to sprout wings on their backs whenever they need them.

At first, Neonik kids are not very good at magic and can only make very simple wings, but the adults can grow really magnificent wings that sparkle with neon lights.

дети и взрослые

Using magic, Neoniks can also perform magic tricks. For example, they can change the weather above their homes or make utensils entertain the little ones during dinner.

Neoniks also use magic as money. If you go to Cake Island as a tourist, you can buy anything with it, starting with ice cream and all the way up to an enchanted castle.

как работает магия

The magic comes in different-sized balls and Neoniks carry it in little flask pendants around their necks.

In order to conjure up whatever you want, you need to have the right amount of magic and you need to learn the right magic words. If you have enough Will Power the spell is sure to work.

Will Power