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Turn your elementary school gamers into readers!

Neoniks is a series of mobile applications that turn little gamers into readers. The interactive encyclopedia and games introduce them to the magic world and get kids interested in reading books about it.

Be wary of a substitute teacher who comes to class with a crazy magic wand, especially if he wears a fur coat with a talking lion head on its collar – a lesson a 10-year-old Jay learns at his school.

When the teacher kidnaps his little fox named Mystie, Jay and his sister Phoebe embark on a quest to get their friend back. They can only rely on their creativity and thinking outside the box, since they spent all their magic reserves, lost their ability to fly, and forgot all the spells that come in handy. But Mystie needs their help and the Neonik kids have to spring into action.


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who are neoniks?

 Neoniks are magical people who live on Cake Island. When they turn seven, their parents cast the Winged Spell on them and then the little ones learn to sprout wings on their backs whenever they need them.

At first, Neonik kids are not very good at magic and can only make very simple wings, but the adults can grow really magnificent wings that sparkle with neon lights.

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Apps and Games

  • Neoniks Christmas Tree app and game

    Neoniks Christmas Tree app and game

    a free iPhone and iPad game

    Help Phoebe, Jay, Mystie the Fox and their magic friends choose awesome decorations for the most beautiful Christmas tree!



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  • Mystie the Fox

    Mystie the Fox

    a free iPhone and iPad game

    Mystie the Fox is an animated game and live cartoon for all ages!  Mystie the fox finds herself in the enchanted forest and meets the cutest magic creatures ever: a tiny dragon, a helicopter pilot cat, a little ghost, and others.

    Mystie the fox


  • Magic School

    Magic School

    a free iPhone and iPad game

    All Neonik children go to Magic School, which looks like multi-colored birdhouses connected by bridges and ropes. For their homework, the kids play games like this one:

    Magic School: Multiplication class

  • Bubba the Flying Cat

    Bubba the Flying Cat

    a free iPhone and iPad game

    Bubba the Cat lives in the giant padlock on the city gates. He is a great mechanic and he enjoys inventing flying devices. Help Bubba test his new flying machine!


  • The Magic Labyrinth

    The Magic Labyrinth

    a free iPhone and iPad game

    Can you guide Phoebe through the magical labyrinth on the mysterious Bottomless Island?
    As Phoebe rides her Sky Scooter, there will be many obstacles in her way.



  • Neoniks and Halloween

    Neoniks and Halloween

    a free iPhone and iPad game

    Neonik kids, Phoebe and Jay, find themselves in a mysterious house. Take a snapshot of the creatures living there and make a special Halloween card!


  • Magic Potion

    Magic Potion

    a free iPhone game

    Magic is money in Neoniks World. Make your own magic potion! The more ingredients you cut the better the score! But don’t you dare touch the demonite rock – it destroy magic!



  • Damaged Magic

    Damaged Magic

    a free iPhone and Android game

    You are an apprentice wizard learning to tell good source of magic from the bad one. To complete the course, collect balls of good magic as fast as you can.

    Don't touch the damaged magic

    Also available for Android on Amazon Store and Google Play.



Books about Neoniks




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  • Neoniks and the Owls of Paradise


    Once every five years, the mysterious owls of paradise visit Cake Island, and Neoniks prepare decorated nests for them so the birds have a place to rest. Phoebe and Jay decide to earn some magic selling their handmade nests, but it turns out that managing a business is not that simple! Not only do they have a lot to learn, but they also have to fight off malicious creatures named Black Bags that want to interfere with Phoebe and Jay at all costs.

  • Neoniks and the Toy City

    Coming Soon...

    Phoebe and Jay get their dream toy – a table-top city populated by little people. The problem is that its residents get into a fight over nothing and start a real war. Phoebe and Jay have no clue how to make peace, but they have to figure it out soon because their mom, who doesn't like cannon shots at home, threatens to take the toy city to the Museum of Nonsense and make it the main exhibit piece there.

Cake Island Map

Neoniks live on Cake Island, a rocky piece of magic land in the Sparkling Sea. From afar, the island looks very much like a marvelous dessert created by a giant baker. It has layers of wonderful beaches, forests, and meadows, and its towns and villages resemble sweet toppings sprinkled here and there.

There are other islands of the Legend Archipelago nearby: Foam Castle, made up of millions of tiny bubbles, and Bottomless Island, which is an extinct volcano filled with the special greenish air.

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Карта волшебного острова Торт

Fairy tales characters

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  • Elle Vira


    More than anything else she likes to read and write books. She constantly thinks of new stories and records them to her phone, but for the time being does not tell anyone about them.

  • Tamara Gerasun


    Likes to draw fairy tale characters and make toy animals. Works at night.

  • Pavel Mamaev


    Likes to talk with intelligent people and explore places he hadn't been before. Can learn almost anything in an amazingly short time.

  • Andrei Vidrasco


    Likes to program. Can watch TV series forever. Believes that robots are humans' best friends.

  • Natasha Liberman


    Can translate any texts from Russian to English, even the ones that seem difficult, such as magic spells. More than anything she likes to read fairy tales and wander through the fantasy worlds of computer games.

  • Iryna Nebosenko


    Likes to translate, cook, photograph, and learn new things, which make life brighter. Thinks that a part of a person’s soul should be in everything they do.

  • Irina Cherry


    Designs all our apps and gives us valuable advices on business.

  • Satrio Utomo

    Sound engineer

    Provides us with clicks, giggles, and other sound effects.